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Jive + DocVerse = Something You’ve Never Seen Before

More big news today here at DocVerse! I’m thrilled to announce that DocVerse has entered into a strategic partnership with Jive Software, the market leader for enterprise social collaboration software. As part of this partnership, Jive will distribute DocVerse Enterprise as a module of Jive SBS 4.0 under the name Jive Connects for Microsoft Office.

This is great news for both DocVerse and Jive — and giant news for the enterprise collaboration market. Together, Jive and DocVerse will bring a brand new form of social software to the most popular productivity tools in the world — Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel — the apps 600 million people depend upon every day.

As of today, the Jive Connects for Microsoft Office product offers the power of DocVerse to Jive’s industry leading enterprise customers around the world, including 15% of the Fortune 500.

But what gets me most excited about our partnership with Jive, is that our combined offering truly does redefine enterprise collaboration.The functionality enabled by combining DocVerse and Jive simply does not exist anywhere else today.

Not only will this combination have a huge impact on the daily lives of Jive users, it will also maximize Jive customers’ investment in SBS 4.0 by extending the same great user experience offered by the rest of SBS into the applications that almost everyone uses constantly, every day — Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

We’d like to thank the entire Jive Software team for making this partnership a reality.   I’ve spent the last 6 years in the collaboration industry and without a doubt, Jive is the leading company and product with the biggest vision for the future.  It’s a true privilege to work with such a high caliber team.

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